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    Tournament Reports

    First Guild Ball Tournament held in Geelong, Victoria!

    Hey team, my name is Jesse and I am a Pundit (community representative) for Guild Ball and Steamforged. I am also the founder of this site!

    I held my first Guild Ball tournament back in July at Guf Geelong, Victoria. A very casual day for our first event but we had a great turnout having 10 players competing over 3 matches for the day.

    As I wasn’t playing I don’t have an in-depth tournament report for you guys sorry!

    I can tell you that there was a Union player, 2x Fish, 2x Brewers, 2x Butchers, then a Masons and a Hunters player. It was a hard fought day of gaming with the two players finishing on equal wins 3-0 but Jon taking out first on Victory Point difference.

    Jon on the left was our overall winner with his Ox Butchers. Jason in middle won best painted. Daniel came in second with his Fillet Butchers.


    Jason's Best Painted Fisherman's Guild

    Thanks to those who attended, looking forward to our next event and onwards to the Guild Ball Nationals hosted by Irresistible Force in Brisbane later this month!

    Now enjoy some photos!