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    The Freecity Road to Nationals and the WTC - Part 1

    So, my goal for this blog is to document my progress and the journey on the road to the Guild Ball Australian National tournament and the World Team Championships.

    The Aussie Nats will be held in Campbelltown, NSW in August and I was fortunate enough to be selected for the second Aus team for the WTC held in Poland in September.


    I have been pretty out of practice with Guild Ball over the last year due to numerous reason but none of them worthy of holding me from this great game! I have launched myself back in head first and attended the tournament at CanCon held a couple months ago in Canberra.


    I ran Fish in that tournament as they are the guild I have the most experience with and being so far out of touch, I felt they’d be best to re-integrate myself back into the game. The Fish are definitely a fun team and will always be my first love but I’m feeling it is time for a new team and a new challenge!

    At the first Aus Nationals held in 2016, I was fortunate enough to win a Hunters team professionally painted by Brisbane’s own Trent Denison. With the introduction of the new Falconer’s Guild coming mid this year, plus Veteran Minx not far off, they are a very exciting prospect.

    My other option is the new Blacksmith’s Guild. They are very fun to play and I took them to a small introduction tournament held at Good Games Melbourne. I enjoyed their sneaky damage output, and with a bit of setup they can kill almost anything very quickly.


    Unfortunately, it is hard for me to get in regular games as the local Guild Ball scene has dried up significantly. In all honesty, it is mostly due to myself as a Pundit as well, I could not provide much consistency with work and other commitments. My situation has changed slightly so I will be trying to rebuild the community here in Geelong and hopefully get some returning/new players!

    Until then, every game played needs to provide quality practice, so I intend to stick with one guild for the next few months in anticipation of the big tournaments later this year.

    Having not played any games with Hunters I will give them a shot and see how they feel for my playstyle and preferences.


    This will also give me a chance to paint up the remaining Hunters that hadn’t been released at the time Trent painted the first lot. It will be hard, but I will try and emulate his beautiful paint job. The limited edition Young Theron will be first as a test piece.


    That is about it for this part, check back for updates along the road!


    - Jesse 🦖

    Guild Ball – SEASON 3!!

    Guild Ball – SEASON 3!!

    It is here! Season 3 of Guild Ball!

    I thought I’d write this quick article now having had a few games of S3 Guild Ball.

    Initial thoughts are great! Some subtle and small changes have really brought this game to a whole new level of extreme balance. Now the player who does not have initiative gains 1 Momentum at the start of the turn giving them a touch of defence against the first activation. This also brings a choice of whether to go first in a turn or second – each holding their own form of benefit.

    The game devs have also definitely made an attempt to sway gamers to the football side of the game too. Making ‘Tap In’ a core rule meaning when a model is within 4” of the goal marker, they lower the target number by -1. This makes it easier to score close range goals and entices players in for the more achievable shot. Some models have also gained some new abilities swaying them to more agile strikers such as Midas, Blackheart and Harry ‘The Hat’. This brings some new choices to team selection, a borderline brand new player in Midas’ new stat card and also forces some historically “bad” models into contention for regular play.

    The Season 2 “auto-include” models Avarisse & Greede were served with a decent reworking of their stats and abilities. The great thing is they are still an incredible choice for any Guild’s line-up but not essential to stay competitive at every event!

    The new player cards look the best they ever have but as a player, I just really would have loved to have physical access to them from release day on November 25 rather than the delayed recent release on January 20. Free PDF downloads are still great but nothing beats the real thing!

    SteamCon back in November seems to have been a massive success which is incredible for the future of Guild Ball and Steamforged Games. The keynote was awesome to watch and get some upcoming release spoilers as well as a result to the Butcher Civil War – congratulations Brisket! – Looking forward to reading the rest of the S3 story in the new book!

    Anyway that’s just my quick thoughts surrounding Season 3, stay tuned for more articles and new releases coming soon!



    Adam's Guild Ball Progression Story

    Game 2. I’ve moved up to the big leagues, now. No more 3v3 for me. I’m feeling confident, let’s whip out the team mascots and bring it to 4v4. After a good week of research on the teams and the base rules, I’m ready to jump onto the pitch and dominate. No more demo cards, either. I’m working with the full cards and this time, I’m playing as those brutal Butchers. Same rules as last time, but a totally different game from this perspective.

    My first big hurdle with this game is wrapping my head around the idea that Boiler is in fact NOT a woman. Consistently calling a killer “she” and “her” is not a good way to stay alive. Hopefully he was too busy on the field to hear me. My captain, Ox, however, was incredibly busy on the field. I used his charge so often. Turning his already huge TAC of 7, into an 11 dice! 11 dice for an attack is friggin madness! I was so enamored with this model I barely utilized my other players.

    It was a lot of fun to be pushing the ball away and not focusing much on its presence, just as long as it wasn’t near Shark, the Fishes’ captain. I’m not typically a really competitive gamer, but I can’t deny the satisfaction of blockading the other team, forcing them to deal with the stupid amounts of damage I could deal. Could, being the operative word here. This is still a dice game, so even with those 11 dice, that doesn’t mean that any have to land damage. I had amazing dice rolls to begin with, but near the end, my luck ran out and it all fell apart.

    I had both Angel and Shark in a corner with just Ox. My turn came around, and no amount of beautiful hair could save Shark from a butchering. But Angel got away. I stayed in close and pushed her against the edge, with her still in my huge melee range. There was no way Angel could run away without taking damage, it just wasn’t possible. With her squished up against the wall, her only option was to try and fight back. HUGE ROLL! She somehow, against all odds, managed to find the strength to weasel out. She dodged out of the wall, still engaged with Ox, though. It still wasn’t possible. ANOTHER HUGE ROLL! With a small push, Ox was out of the way enough for the ball to be in her sight. One sprint and it was all hers. Using the momentum created from that insanity up at the wall, she made a massive kick to cement the victory for the Fishermen. Good game, well played.

    This was very much still a slow game, with me asking the same questions too many times; “Wait, why can he dodge if it isn’t his turn? That’s not fair”. The amount of times I forgot the simply move influence away as I spent it was embarrassing. One thing I have been told, though is “Enjoy the learning process, don’t rush it”. So I’m trying not to look at myself as a complete waste of space. I really need to get my own models soon.

    Now just to decide which team I want. I was thinking the Mortici—wait, no the Brewers… No they don’t move very fast. Definitely the Maso—no, the Fish are easy to understand... No! Don’t take the easy option Adam.

    I’ve got some more research to do.


    Adam's Guild Ball Discovery Story

    G’day! How’s it going? My name’s Adam and I recently took the dive into learning the highly praised sport/fantasy/war miniature game Guild Ball. I’m no expert in anything and I’ve never really jumped into any tabletop gaming until this year, but I’ve always wanted to. Gaming is all about having fun with friends. The “friends” part is pretty necessary in my mind, so I had to pony up the courage to stand outdoors to meet and make new friends. Terrifying, I know.

    Cut to my demo game with our friendly, local Guild Ball Pundit. My first reactions were along the lines of: “OH GOD! SO MANY MECHANICS!!”

    “This is just the demo game, so there aren’t as many moving parts here compared to the full game”

    This is a simplified version?! I’m screwed. I’m too stupid for this. I need an adult.

    I played the Fishermen. A team centered around fast movement, grabbing the ball and scoring huge amount of goals. It is a sport game we’re playing after all. The only issue is, that my opposing team was the Butchers. They don’t really care about getting goals, they’re on the field to maim and, well, butcher my innocent and attractive crew. Victory is achieved by doing any combination of these main activities; scoring goals and taking out the enemies. The concept is simple enough. It’s all the cogs underneath that bring depth and longevity, and for me, a nice handful of confusion. My first game was very slow.

    “What can I do now?”, “Mmmhhmm. Yeah, totally. Ummm, but, what the heck does that mean?”, “But my captain has beautiful hair, so that counts for something, right?”

    The biggest thing I took from this first game was the awesome Momentum mechanic. As you make cool actions and moves, you gain Momentum points. Which is essentially the crowd going wild and hyping up your team. Awesome imagery. For my Fishermen that involved actively putting myself in harm’s way and dodging out of it. I love the idea of sprinting up to a knife wielding murder, who, seeing you, stabs wildly, but you shift your weight to the right keeping eye contact and giving them a smug grin. Then just before you dash away from the psychopath you hear the crowd erupting in shouting for you, giving you the huge hit of adrenaline needed to dodge away and kick a goal.

    Technically I won my first game, but I am very happy to admit it was not my doing. I had other players walking by saying things like “Are you sure you want to do that? I’d actually move Siren first”. So I have a lot to learn, but I love the art, the style and the narrative that this game creates. I’ve got a long road ahead of me that I can’t wait to go along. And of course, I’ll keep you posted as I go.