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    News — blacksmiths

    The Freecity Road to Nationals and the WTC - Part 1

    So, my goal for this blog is to document my progress and the journey on the road to the Guild Ball Australian National tournament and the World Team Championships.

    The Aussie Nats will be held in Campbelltown, NSW in August and I was fortunate enough to be selected for the second Aus team for the WTC held in Poland in September.


    I have been pretty out of practice with Guild Ball over the last year due to numerous reason but none of them worthy of holding me from this great game! I have launched myself back in head first and attended the tournament at CanCon held a couple months ago in Canberra.


    I ran Fish in that tournament as they are the guild I have the most experience with and being so far out of touch, I felt they’d be best to re-integrate myself back into the game. The Fish are definitely a fun team and will always be my first love but I’m feeling it is time for a new team and a new challenge!

    At the first Aus Nationals held in 2016, I was fortunate enough to win a Hunters team professionally painted by Brisbane’s own Trent Denison. With the introduction of the new Falconer’s Guild coming mid this year, plus Veteran Minx not far off, they are a very exciting prospect.

    My other option is the new Blacksmith’s Guild. They are very fun to play and I took them to a small introduction tournament held at Good Games Melbourne. I enjoyed their sneaky damage output, and with a bit of setup they can kill almost anything very quickly.


    Unfortunately, it is hard for me to get in regular games as the local Guild Ball scene has dried up significantly. In all honesty, it is mostly due to myself as a Pundit as well, I could not provide much consistency with work and other commitments. My situation has changed slightly so I will be trying to rebuild the community here in Geelong and hopefully get some returning/new players!

    Until then, every game played needs to provide quality practice, so I intend to stick with one guild for the next few months in anticipation of the big tournaments later this year.

    Having not played any games with Hunters I will give them a shot and see how they feel for my playstyle and preferences.


    This will also give me a chance to paint up the remaining Hunters that hadn’t been released at the time Trent painted the first lot. It will be hard, but I will try and emulate his beautiful paint job. The limited edition Young Theron will be first as a test piece.


    That is about it for this part, check back for updates along the road!


    - Jesse 🦖